I am excited and optimistic! OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album is available internationally now! Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and Sam Shark, a 50 year old Egyptian band leader and master guitarist we formed the Optimysts and created this intriguing innovative album at Iguana Studios. As the song writer for this album I would like to explain [...]

Energizing Love

I wrote this non fiction book in 2013 with the idea of supporting those people who struggle with self-acceptance, who are religious refugees, or who , like me, just want to have a belief that is consistent with love, science, humanity, ecology and common sense. It has behind it a premise that love is what [...]

Standing up and Singing!

“Concerto #1” By Philosofree Recently, at De Sotos café, where I sing and play guitar on Thursday evenings, it was a special night because my darling Manu joined me to sing “California Dreaming” for the first time! During the night a message came to me, and I would like you to [...]

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Quiet Please.

I am sitting alone in the house, outside the air is cold, well freezing actually, at -10C. Snow lies an inch thick on the balcony, and it is quiet, the sort of quiet that comes when people are not wanting to be outside. I am peaceful. Sort of. Because paradoxically I long for this quiet, [...]

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Art reflects life in Paris

How does one capture the romantic spirit of Paris? Having just left the beautiful city, there is a swirl of images creating an aura of the place around my head. Overwhelming artistry inundates every waking moment, from the intimate walkways of Montmartre, the opulence of the Palaces and Cathedrals, the sculptures and paintings of the [...]

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No Bling in Yin and Yang

After my son Lachlan died, a lot changed within me. The sense of grief overwhelmed, but also other aspects moved me positively towards re-assessing what I believed about love and life. For a start, I hurt in a way I can best describe in poetry, not explanation…… Burnt black Speak gently into my heart-wound, Where [...]

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TIme Flies When You Are Having Fun

When I was young, an hour seemed an eternity. now it seems a day zips past so quickly. When you are having a good time, it is over too quickly, and tedious work seems to drag. So I guess older people must be having more fun? Funny though it sounds, there may be truth in [...]

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I Sure Remember Coming Home

Play song “I sure Remember Coming Home” When my son died age 20, some people asked after a year or so, “Have you gotten over it yet?” Well, no, I have not, even though eight years have passed. Losing a child or any special loved one is not something [...]

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. Robert FulghamIn 2004 I wrote on the subject of abuse. (aka Misuse, insult, malign, deceive, harm – A very touchy subject when you look at it closely.) Whenever I am anything other than loving towards a person – including when I find myself [...]

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