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Abundant Life!


I am excited and optimistic! OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album is available internationally now! Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and Sam Shark, a 50 year old Egyptian band leader and master guitarist we formed the Optimysts and created this intriguing innovative album at Iguana Studios. As the song writer for this album I would like to explain [...]

Camino Stories

This year my wife, Manuela, and I walked 350 kilometers along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. It was an amazing and wonder-full experience. On our return we knew that we should share the stories we witnessed and heard while doing the hike as 'peregrinos'. Since we got back we have written a book together, [...]

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You Can Still Trust Even If You’ve Been Deceived

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.” ~Frank Crane “Ah, it is difficult to trust people nowadays!” Heard that one lately? The implication is that trust is something you receive and that everyone else controls it and [...]

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Bion & Freya – a fiction trilogy!

I really had fun writing these three books, and I would love you to join in that experience! If you like history, the supernatural, a good romance, adventure, travel and a good dose of reality, I am confident you will love these books. Book one, “Bion & Freya – Red Key” A young man is [...]

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Energizing Love

I wrote this non fiction book in 2013 with the idea of supporting those people who struggle with self-acceptance, who are religious refugees, or who , like me, just want to have a belief that is consistent with love, science, humanity, ecology and common sense. It has behind it a premise that love is what [...]

The Teal Revolution

I have just signed up to join a holacracy! What is such a thing, you may ask? Well a holacracy is a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles, which can then be executed autonomously, without a micromanaging boss. [...]

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Clarity Coaching

I have worked in many countries on most continents, and one consistent desire I have found is for clarity. Most of us want to be clear about who we are and where we are going. I hope you have enjoyed the complimentary free eBook, Energizing Work. Now I have another gift for you. My coaching focuses [...]

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Alternative Lives!

  In my experience there are many possibilities for each life. Not certainties, but possibilities. It is when I look at possibilities that I start authentically following my true nature. Here are some views on being authentic. 1. What I 'want' is rarely what I really want. Feelings are the drivers behind most of our desires. Most of [...]

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Fewchah Pet-Training

Fewchach, \FUture\ , noun; 1. A pet fantasy of their owner, noted for their ability to influence the owner 2. A dogged condition, especially of success or failure, yet to come 3. A hereafter hound, also known as a dog-day tomorrow 4. In North American First Nations sometimes named “Comes-Too-Quickly” Quote example: “Oddly, my fewchah [...]

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