Fewchach, \FUture\ , noun;

1. A pet fantasy of their owner, noted for their ability to influence the owner
2. A dogged condition, especially of success or failure, yet to come
3. A hereafter hound, also known as a dog-day tomorrow
4. In North American First Nations sometimes named “Comes-Too-Quickly”

Quote example: “Oddly, my fewchah is never visible in the present moment, yet I tend to spend more time with my fewchah than my other pets.”

Fewchahs come as standard in every life-pack. They can be adorable or aloof, affectionate or scary. Ignore them at your peril. How does AdvantacePedia advise us to look after these amazing creatures?

Your fewchahs should be fed openness and watered with spirit, however be warned that if they get too much attention they become bloated and can take over the life-house. One variety, the Karma-fewchah, can get quite vindictive if ignored, and will bite back, so balance is required between care-awareness and ignore-ance.

Dr Seuss said “Only you can control your fewchah”.


Looking at a fewchah!


Any fewchah requires regular training to develop muscle. In early years this requires schooling of 12 or more years so they can be independent. The old breed of Selfmade fewchah is disappearing because of the need for owners to cover the fur of the fewchah with certificates, media and conformity, which sadly stifles the breed. Compliant fewchahs are a popular variety, but they all look like a cookie cutter created them, and this species have been drilled with an expectation that stifles creativity and authenticity.

Adult fewchahs are intended to be able to shower young fewchahs with peace, meaning and direction. In order to do this, daily doses of present-moment vitamins are recommended. These can be obtained anywhere by the pet listening to the breathing of the owner, in silence and a willingness to listen to the subconscious.

Looking after your fewchah is essential. As John Galsworthy said “If you do not think about your fewchah, you cannot have one.”

The most common fewchah illness is the ItsHopeless virus, which is caught from negative egos that attach themselves to the owner. Often fewchahs break down with depression and social alienation fevers that are also inherited from the owner. It is sad that the owners allow this to happen, as fewchahs thrive best by exercising their own natural resistance to the ItsHopeless virus, a hormone called ‘hope’.

As a trained and experienced veterinarian specializing in natural cures, I offer services to fewchahs when their owners care for their health. I strongly recommend encouraging the breeding capability of fewchahs, as there is nothing better to generate the hope hormone than playing with a huge happy pack of young fewchahs, knowing that one of them will develop into a wonderful, loyal, affectionate pet for life.

Am I qualified in fewchah health? Yes of course. I should mention that my over six decades of training includes the advanced experiences of “Loss of a child”, a PHD in Overcoming Fears, and other common fewchah training courses like “Developing and losing a multimillion dollar international company”, “Facing Death and Beyond”, and “The spiritual meaning of non-judgment”. The strange thing is that these courses do not come with a certificate, but then, neither does the ultimate course of raising a child. I offer my university degrees and coaching certifications as a way of assuring fewchahs that want external validation of my skills.

An important thing about fewchah numbers; Many people have asked me about having too many pets, and doesn’t breeding fewchahs drain resources and make home life rambunctious? The answer to this is that there is never too many fewchahs in your world, for several reasons.

1 Fewchahs actually self-generate the hope hormone, even if they are not “the one”, an ego concept that needs dispelling. Multiple fewchahs in a life add happiness and joy, and who would not want more of that?

2 Fewchahs require little resource, and tend to be self-fulfilling. While some fewchahs have a short life, their purpose is to still fulfilled, generating an awareness of the pack, and its overall direction.

3 Multiple fewchahs are a self-regulating population, because the ones that mature and have served their purpose actually have the property of being ingested into growing young fewchahs. The fewchahs that are not able to provide services with wagging tails, (Wurry fewchahs) can be ignored, and if you do ignore them they too will evaporate.

Don’t get too dogged down with fewchahs, they can be your best friends, so take time to play with them, enjoy them and you will be rewarded with a happier life.