I am part of being optimistic! OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album was released in 2016! Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and Sam Shark, a 50 year old Egyptian band leader and master guitarist Philosofree formed the Optimysts and created this intriguing innovative album at Iguana Studios. Reviews can be found here… As [...]

Fewchah Pet-Training

Fewchach, \FUture\ , noun; 1. A pet fantasy of their owner, noted for their ability to influence the owner 2. A dogged condition, especially of success or failure, yet to come 3. A hereafter hound, also known as a dog-day tomorrow 4. In North American First Nations sometimes named “Comes-Too-Quickly” Quote example: “Oddly, my fewchah [...]

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Dream Ladder

I’d like you to meet Jacob Ben-Isaac, well known in his time as a scoundrel who some people say at one stage was under his mum’s thumb. Welcome Jacob.Jacob:  Call me Jake.Also may I introduce the famous Dr Jung, creator of Jungian Theory, interpreter of dreams, and all round creative psychologist. Dr Jung has consented [...]

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Words with Multiple Meanings

The English language is rich in vocabulary, yet there are still words which can easily confuse when used, because they have multiple meanings. The spoken word is even harder, with words like wait and weight sounding the same yet with different meanings entirely. Sometimes a dictionary explains the different meanings, sometimes dictionary definitions are even [...]

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What, you ask, is “tirement”? Fair question. It is where retirement came from. You know , if you re- something, you must have already done it.. Like “do” and redo, connect, and reconnect… Tirement and retirement! 🙂 It is like you were meant to be tired, I guess from work. So when retirement comes along [...]

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