I’d like you to meet Jacob Ben-Isaac, well known in his time as a scoundrel who some people say at one stage was under his mum’s thumb. Welcome Jacob.

Jacob:  Call me Jake.

Also may I introduce the famous Dr Jung, creator of Jungian Theory, interpreter of dreams, and all round creative psychologist. Dr Jung has consented to interview Jacob for our gathering, to demonstrate the amazing depth that dreams can show into our subconscious, using Jacob as a subject who has had an interesting dream.

Dr J: Thank you and welcome to this session. The subject this afternoon, Mr Ben_Isaac, who we will refer to, on his own request, as Jake, has come into this session of his own will.

Jacob: And the money. Don’t forget you agreed to pay me to tell my story…

Dr J: Yes of course, Mr Ben-Isaac. (Aside to audience) of course. (rolls eyes)

Now, I believe you had a dream after your mother advised you to do something with your brother’s inheritance? Can you give us a background, a setting, please?

Jacob: Its all lies, I didn’t do nothing wrong. My Mum just asked me to serve him up some food, that’s all.

Dr J: Of course, that is why you were fleeing the country. I understand. So can you tell us where you were.

Jacob : I was on my own, but I have an alibi!

Dr J: I’m sure. The setting, please? You can refer to your notes if you wish, Genesis 28.10-17.


Jacob: I don’t need notes. I remember. I  was on my way from Beer-Sheva going north towards Haran, near Jerusalem. I’d had a couple of the Sheva beers, and then walked till it was dark. The sun was set,  and I was tired, when I spotted a likely place to camp for the night.

Dr J: So you were in a transition time in your life. That could be important. Can you describe this place?

Jacob: Sure. It was in the desert. Rocky. Not like the movie though.

Dr J: Ahhh, it was wilderness, symbolic of searching for inner peace. Wilderness represents an in-between place where ordinary life is suspended, identity shifts, and new possibilities emerge.  So what happened next.

Jacob: I went to sleep. Just pulled up a rock for a pillow and lay down.

Dr J: Ahh. Your head on a rock. So you were connected to the earth.

Jacob: (Looking perplexed) Wadaya mean connected, what are you inferring?

Dr J: Relax, I’m not talking about the Mafia, Jake. (Jake relaxes) I mean you were lying on the earth, part of the bigger picture. And as you lay here?

Jacob: (sings) I had a dream…..

Dr J: (Smiling in a sarcastic way) thanks Jake, lovely. And can you tell us about the dream?

Jacob: Sure. It was world domination, undreamt of riches, family power etc.

Dr J: Can you be more specific?

Jacob: I dreamed there was a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reaching heaven, and there were messengers going up and down the ladder.

Dr J: That is a typical symbolic image of reaching into the subconscious to find a path towards your higher self. You were at the base of the ladder, right?

Jacob: Yeah. It was like these dudes were climbing up with messages from me, and messages were bring brought down.

Dr J: Of course. Did you understand any of the messages?

Jacob: Well, sort of, it’s a bit weird though.

Dr J: Go on. Weird is ok.

Jacob: Well I felt that a message from God, like the messenger was in fact God himself, you know, the big dude. Numero Uno. El Supremo…

Dr J: (Interrupting) yes I get the message, God spoke to you through the message.

Jacob: (Excited) Man, this is what he said. I am the son of Isaac ben Abraham (ben means ‘son of’ in case you didn’t understand) and he said my father, and his father respected the same great dude, which is true, they did.

Dr J:OK so it was the same God of your heritage?

Jacob: Yep, and this is what he said. I hope you can translate it, man.

Dr J: I will try.

Jacob: Well first he said that all the land I lie on is mine, mine all mine! (laughs)  Imagine what that’s worth. Billions. And I will have lots of family and they will be like rabbits breeding and spread across the whole earth. Hence world domination, right?

DrJ: Sorry to disappoint you, Jake, but dreams refer to your inner life. This dream is saying that you are the one who owns your own decisions, that is the only map of the world that you have control of. It shows that your being is infinite, and the love in that presence will be felt in generations to come. Your individual self is part of a cosmic consciousness that goes on past galaxies and time.

Jacob: Damn. So I don’t own the whole land? (He pauses to think) But I am sure Israel at least is mine. You know, the land from here to Jerusalem and stuff.

Dr J: It is an easy mistake, I suspect that your children, and the children of your son Israel, may have taken this dream literally.

Jacob: So what about the kids then?

Dr J: Your thoughts and actions will affect the world, will affect society. You need to recognise your own impact, despite your past, will affect the future. Also the rock you laid your head on, that shows that you will be blessed while you remain grounded.

Jacob: That is what the big dude said, he said all the families will be blessed by me and my kids. Cool huh?

Dr J: Everyone has an effect with the choices they make. Like yours with your brother. This could affect all society. As could your interpretation of this dream. If you take it literally it could be a basis for power struggles for thousands of years, about land ownership and control, when it really is talking about your inner decisions. Did you get the impression that God was in fact giving you a personal message?

Jacob: Well, yes, actually. He went on to say He will back me, and support me wherever I go, and will bring me back to this place. So that shows he was talking about the land.

Dr J: Your spiritual Landscape, yes, not a physical place.

Jacob: But the big dude said that he won’t leave till he has done what he promised me!

Dr J: Of course. The spirit of your higher self, God, will always be with you, and that is the awesome promise he has made, he will stay with you, past death, till you are reunited out of time with Him.

Jacob: I thought when I woke that this place was the most awesome on earth. This must be a place to build a church, so we can enter heaven through it.

Dr J: I understand your wish to concretize in stone the experience of joy. However remember this happened, not in a church, but in the bareness of the desert.  The Gate of Heaven is here and now, any place, from a desert to a garden, where we allow the messengers of God to enter. You didn’t have to be in a church to have this experience.

Jacob: (Brightens up) You are right! I can just carry the rock with me!

Dr J: (hits forehead) OK. If for you the symbol of the dream is the rock, then by all means. But you don’t need a physical thing to encounter the messengers, they happen every day.

Jacob: How? I never seen this before, the bright beings, the ladder, that is the only time.

Dr J: That particular experience was a dream. But you have other dreams?

Jacob: Yeah, So?

Dr J: So every dream is a messenger. As is every emotion. The problem with us is not that there is no word from God, it is that we typically don’t take the time to analyse the messages from below, from our subconscious, which are messages from God. So we don’t listen effectively, or at all.

Jacob: Interesting, that’s huge. But I get it. (lightens up) So I need an analyst, would you be my analyst?

Dr J: I am willing, yes.

Jacob: OK how much do you charge?

Dr J: Let’s say that the money I was going to pay you for sharing your dream will cover my first session of therapy…

Jacob: But I…

Dr J: (interrupting) Everyone, thanks for attending this dream analysis, and thanks to Jake for sharing his dream. (he sits down)

Jacob: (as they are sitting down) So I don’t get paid?

Dr J: Shhh, later.