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Advantace offers professional web development, rollout, training and support.

Advantace has excellent services from image and video rendering and publishing on, through to full web development, rollout, training and support.
We can also provide PHP program development and support!

Below are indicative images of web hosting that has been developed by Advantace. All web development is able to be accessed cleanly on everything from cell phones to ipads, PCs to notebooks (fully responsive)

Advantace design features
A clean and simple database of organizations

Fully responsive access on all devices.


Advantace is dedicated to creating powerful, effective and engaging websites.

Our clean design styles and use of standards-based development are combined with exceptional search engine result positions, increased conversions and superior visitor loyalty.

Features and Customizations

  • 4 Styles of Image frames, border, glow. dropshadow, bottomshadow
  • Change the border size and color on all styles
  • Change the style color for glow and dropshadow style
  • Use with column shortcodes to control the width

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