Philosofree has been writing music for decades, in many genres.

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2020 album

2019 release for Optimysts

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2016 album:

Instrumental album created in 2014

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The must listen to song for 2020!

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There are over 200 songs in the Philosofree portfolio!

Compositions range from instrumental classics, to slow blues, and upbeat rock!
Details of the Optimysts and our new album will be released soon…

Philosofree & Optimysts

Philosofree, Chami, Bob and other friends are Optimysts!

Music is a passion for us, it brings life and joy!

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  • I Built A Wall

    A month ago I was walking in the park when I got a whole stream of information about walls and the current misuse of [...]

  • Optim.M.mystix

    I am part of being optimistic! OptimMmystix, the new Philosofree/Optimysts album was released in 2016! Together with Mirian, a 27 year old soul singer, and [...]

  • Standing up and Singing!

    “Concerto #1” By Philosofree Recently, at De Sotos café, where I sing and play guitar on Thursday evenings, it was a [...]

  • I Sure Remember Coming Home

    Play song “I sure Remember Coming Home” When my son died age 20, some people asked after a [...]

  • Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. Robert FulghamIn 2004 I wrote on the subject of abuse. (aka Misuse, [...]

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Orchestral album

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