Stranger: Sibling or Child?

Do you recall the dimension in which

time and matter

were insects in a glass bell;

to be observed?

You looked at me

that first encounter,

not as a stranger

but as the sibling

or child

I would be when we, as spirits,

met in the laboratory

called incarnation.

There was no difference then,

our colors neutral,

our culture only love,

our energy wild sparks whose light was

our only differentiation

till birth.

It’s sad that on that dot called earth

we had forgotten this


and we wept as we

imagined we did not belong,

slaughtering each other in terror,

till over time,

beyond time,

I saw you in a new light,

no longer

a stranger but

a sibling from the same parent,

a child so beloved

that I held you close

and warmed you

with my contrary heart.

How strange,

stranger than intolerance,

judgment and punishment,

that we should remain strangers,

my child,

when I am your divine relative

stepping with you into this

next reincarnation,

holding your hand

in innocence

and wonder.

Was any of this misunderstanding

necessary, my darling?

Let us forgive each other for our ignorance,

and play together now.

PCC 2017 April 4

Aiden is three,

So he questions me

“why does the wind move the leaves on the tree?”


I am his Grumpa,

So I recognise

The face of his father’s, before my eyes.


“Why are you crying?”

says Aiden to me

“It’s the wind in my eyes, dear, it’s quite hard to see”


“What is it hard for?”

I think for a while.

“My eyes love the look of your innocent smile.”


“What is an ‘innocent’,Grumpa?”

you say.

“Why it’s someone who likes best of all, just to play”


“Will you play with me?, Grumpa?

While my daddy’s in heaven?”

“Of course I will, darling, up until then”


“What about after?”

Says Aiden to me.

“Yes, For as long as the wind moves the leaves on the tree”


Aiden is three,

So he questions me

“why does the wind move the leaves on the tree?”


PCC 2004-06-15

life opens its arms like a country road in spring….

she welcomes you to dance like you think you can…

to laugh with the trivial at the trivial, and to sing…

life embraces you with the warmth of the summer earth-soil,

the fecund potential of the land.

she asks you to take time out to appreciate the autumn interval,

to germinate after your winter-toil.