As a kid, noodles were not something we ate.

Some things we’d put up with, some things we’d hate.

Gradually we became more cosmopolitan, and how

we’ve adjusted, as everyone seems to eat noodles now.


Ethnic boundaries have become more traversed.

Peruvian music, Russian icons, and hamburgers of course

all have migrated, and transmuted. Each sacred cow

is accepted, like noodles, as the world’s common chow.


The internet and TV have placed at our door

access to images and cultures we’d  not seen before.

We became richer for knowing, but poorer somehow

because we’ve not learned the basics, “share noodles now”.


My hope is we’re heading towards one common view

of humanity;      just one single stew

mixed with the noodles of peace. Cause I vow

the whole world is needing them peace-noodles now.