This year my wife, Manuela, and I walked 350 kilometers along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. It was an amazing and wonder-full experience. On our return we knew that we should share the stories we witnessed and heard while doing the hike as ‘peregrinos’. Since we got back we have written a book together, putting down our experience in an open and honest form. Now the book is available on Amazon!


During the journey we met people from 15 countries across the world! Some of the experiences affected us greatly, and you can read the first story as a sample by clicking on the “Look Inside” option on the Amazon site. We recommend that you take that option, as the story is quite miraculous! In fact, despite the difficulties and pain, Manu intends to return and do a longer Camino at a future date. I may also, but probably along a different route, because there are lots of different ways marked with the distinctive yellow arrows of the Camino routes.

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The book has only just been released, so there are few reviews yet (If you have read it, please write one!), but in the words of one of the first readers, the book is “impossible to put down. I was intending to read a chapter or two, but I finished the whole book in one sitting.”  I hope you have the same experience. The Examiner also did a review of the book, which you will find here, an excerpt from the reviewer said: “Readers will love the light yet deeply engaging writing in “Camino Stories” that makes it easy to pick up and read each story individually, but impossible to put down. Every bit of “Camino Stories” is entertaining and insightful, written with an honest sincerity.”

Those who have walked the ‘Way’ will resonate with this collection, and the photos that show the character of Spain and its peregrinos.

Please let us know of your Camino experiences!

Those who have not experienced northern Spain will be encouraged to do so!



“Camino Stories – Half a Million Steps” is also available from CreateSpace, or you can order it for $10 from your local bookstore. It is an ideal Christmas present!

ISBN: 978-1519398161

Library of Congress Control Number: 1519398166

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