Energizing Love

I wrote this non fiction book in 2013 with the idea of supporting those people who struggle with self-acceptance, who are religious refugees, or who , like me, just want to have a belief that is consistent with love, science, humanity, ecology and common sense. It has behind it a premise that love is what [...]

Finding Beauty

 “Does the moon exist only when I look at it?” Albert Einstein I live in a city, a large city, and everywhere I go I see concrete and walls, and particularly I see lots of signs and advertisements. When I drive my eyes are trained to flick from one sign to another, you have to, [...]

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A Diamond can shatter when it’s hit with a hammer!

A diamond is the hardest material in the world. It can easily score steel, glass, ceramics and other hard objects. However it has another characteristic. It is easily shattered. I remember reading a story by Wilbur Smith where a protagonist destroys millions of dollars of diamonds with a simple hammer and anvil. […]

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No Bling in Yin and Yang

After my son Lachlan died, a lot changed within me. The sense of grief overwhelmed, but also other aspects moved me positively towards re-assessing what I believed about love and life. For a start, I hurt in a way I can best describe in poetry, not explanation…… Burnt black Speak gently into my heart-wound, Where [...]

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Words with Multiple Meanings

The English language is rich in vocabulary, yet there are still words which can easily confuse when used, because they have multiple meanings. The spoken word is even harder, with words like wait and weight sounding the same yet with different meanings entirely. Sometimes a dictionary explains the different meanings, sometimes dictionary definitions are even [...]

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Struggling with the Demon of Doubt

 “There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt.Doubt separates people.It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations.It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.” ― Siddhārtha GautamaHe comes in through the main entrance to your mind, the one marked “Doorway of Love”. The [...]

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I Sure Remember Coming Home

Play song “I sure Remember Coming Home” When my son died age 20, some people asked after a year or so, “Have you gotten over it yet?” Well, no, I have not, even though eight years have passed. Losing a child or any special loved one is not something [...]

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What, you ask, is “tirement”? Fair question. It is where retirement came from. You know , if you re- something, you must have already done it.. Like “do” and redo, connect, and reconnect… Tirement and retirement! 🙂 It is like you were meant to be tired, I guess from work. So when retirement comes along [...]

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