Hope is not gone:

It resides in beauty, which adorns every path

if you look for it.

Find the beauty in a plant squeezing its way up through the city concrete.

Find the beauty in the smile of a child who has been encouraged by kindness.

Find the beauty in the evening stars who have always been sentinels of ordered light.

Be beautiful yourself by embracing compassion, love and peace.

Search, and you will always find, a rock, a pool, a sparkling eye, a transient glimpse of life in the wild.


Sometimes, just sometimes, beauty will flood your senses

And you at those times will know beauty is an infinite wisdom from GodIsLove that flows into us as a gift.

At times when empty, look inside to find the source roadmap of where beauty is to be found.

The map shows life in abundance, a joy and peace beyond understanding, an intense inner knowing that there is more.


Find the beauty within,

for the roads that open from that soul-intersection are many,

each path will contain more flowers, scenes, and creative art

to enjoy with the laughter of friends along the way,

than you ever thought possible!


Hope is not gone:

It resides in beauty.

And beauty is eternal and part of the infinite spirit.