What, you ask, is “tirement”?

Fair question. It is where retirement came from. You know , if you re- something, you must have already done it.. Like “do” and redo, connect, and reconnect… Tirement and retirement! 🙂

It is like you were meant to be tired, I guess from work. So when retirement comes along then are you expected to “do it all” again?

Well that is what those I know say about retirement, “never been so busy”, “don’t know how I had time to work” etc

I think the concept of retirement being a time of not working is outdated. Why would you not want to work? The objective of retirement to me is getting to a point where what you love doing most, your passion, you get to work at!

Such is the supreme folly of man that he labours so as to labour no more.        LEONARDO DA VINCI

So those who already have found their days full of the work, occupation or creativeness which they love have already reached this objective, if they are 25 or 65 so what?

If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you’re already a success.   JACK CANFIELD

Next question is; “what DO you want to do?”

Courage is evident when someone risks the fear of not having enough money “for retirement”, and follows their dream. Best work output comes from those who love what they are doing, and have the enthusiasm to do it tirelessly.

What could you do to reach the mountaintop of productive output for your life, if you took away the fear of having insufficient money for “retirement”.

Chances are you would become a new person and not be a tirement to those around you!!