I love dancing.

I am a fan of zouk, a new latino dance that is sweeping the world. Last week I was fortunate to meet Adilio Porto, the Brazilian choreographer and dancer who created zouk.

This music piece I composed and played in a Zouk style! Enjoy!

On Saturday night, for the first time since I was a teenager at high school, I went to a public dance.

OMG! It is hard to walk across the dance floor when you have never danced socially since seperating with your wife. However I navigated an hour of dancing before I left, and yes, I danced Zouk!!!

I also observed that there were three types of people on the dance floor. Those who love to move and enjoy dancing per se. Those who are looking for a partner and see dancing as a way to connect with potential mates. And finally the male predators, who were looking to take advantage of those women who didn’t have a mate.

As a person who likes to dance, it was sad to see how unhappy or grasping the other two categories of people were on the dance floor. Thankful for health and the ability to move?

I am.