I have a problem with the word religion. It brings with it images of “should” and “tradition” and “routine”. These words are not wrong of themselves, but when they become dominant over the freedom to be kind, to care and to love simply, that puts me off, big time.

What attracts me to life, is the opening up of my higher self to an awareness of others, and the opportunity to share joy. I have found that I cannot share joy unless I am can participate in joy myself.

Take a simple example, being with a child. The routine and tradition could be that you attend to this child, perhaps at bedtime. This is something a loving adult will do with a child, but it so easily can become a routine, a religious exercise. When they come home from school, or have just experienced a new awareness, that maybe the time to sit with them.

How special are the moments with the same precious child when their eyes are sparkling with excitement, over a discovery, or because they have accepted some kindness or encouragement into their lives. I get a sense of wonder sharing these moments, and yet it is so easy for me to lose the joy because I did not attend to this event while it was happening.

This doesn’t just apply to children, of course…  How often do you attend to your partner’s enthusiasms, dance with their excitement, appreciate their passion?

The openings into another’s heart of joy are rare, and similarly your own heart may not be open at the same time to share their joy. Timing is everything, it is like a portal into another dimension, to share joy with another person. Remember that first kiss, that special confidential conversation of trust, the awe holding hands looking into the evening sun across the glowing gold ocean?

Soren Kierkegaard
No time of life is so beautiful as the early days of love, when with every meeting, every glance, one fetches something new home to rejoice over.

It seems to me that complications, obligations, shoulds, expectations, routines and traditions are typical blockers of the most powerful incentive to life, the simplicity of sharing joy, the joy of connection. What does it take to share a moment where you see life and hope deep within the bright eyes of another – a child, a lover, a workmate, a new acquaintance?

It requires you to be ready for their joy when it comes, to attend to the opportunity of seeing them when their shining being is uncovered, and this simple joining in joy in the present moment is the most precious kindness you can offer.

Song of joy.

Light lances my being, releasing a song of joy.

I cannot understand.

It is the song of those who fly above echoes,

The song of soul sifted through skin.


Drink from the bowl of heaven’s grace.

Let your hair be wet with the generous rain of truth

Our breath is a golden knowing, like the first sight of dawn.

Our awakedness is a bright star calling the rays of the rising sun.


Lie in the dark earth and be embraced by warm light.

Let your heart leap like a puppy,

And your thoughts bind to the will of the one creator of all.

Like emerald water in the sand, let thoughts of GodIsLove enter your being.