“Concerto #1” By Philosofree

Recently, at De Sotos café, where I sing and play guitar on Thursday evenings, it was a special night because my darling Manu joined me to sing “California Dreaming” for the first time!


During the night a message came to me, and I would like you to receive the same message, not just for music but for all aspects of giving in the form of your art, and from your deep self, especially to a group.

“You don’t need to compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. That makes you special. Each person in your audience will have a different view of you, and hopefully they see you like we do, as a person who has a big heart, who wants to reach out and share. If they don’t, that is OK too, their view doesn’t invalidate you.

We all want to be accepted, and the gift of sharing is a form of acceptance, of inclusion. What blocks us from using that gift are the voices of our youth, voices of instruction, command, opinion and rejection. In the second half of life we can increasingly embrace our inner child, and reprogram those voices of negativity, choosing to ignore them, or better still to replace them with your own adult affirmation that “All you need is Love”.

It takes courage to stand up in front of a crowd and reveal your self, and your love for music or anything else. Stand proudly with conviction that this is the true you, and you will shine.”

So I did – I created an instrumental music album called Passion Fruit! Above is a sample track…

(Purchase album from Amazon)

It was minus 30C outside, but our attitude generated optimism and inner warmth!