Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. Robert FulghamIn 2004 I wrote on the subject of abuse. (aka Misuse, insult, malign, deceive, harm – A very touchy subject when you look at it closely.) Whenever I am anything other than loving towards a person – including when I find myself [...]

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Adilio and Zouk

I love dancing. I am a fan of zouk, a new latino dance that is sweeping the world. Last week I was fortunate to meet Adilio Porto, the Brazilian choreographer and dancer who created zouk. This music piece I composed and played in a Zouk style! Enjoy! On Saturday night, for [...]

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Finding the way home

My grandson Aiden and I enjoy riding bicycles together, especially in the early summer days, with the fresh eucalyptus scent in the air, and the bright sun on our back.  Aiden lacks confidence with directions, so I have recently been teaching him how to navigate by looking at where the sun is in the sky. [...]

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Contradictory Truth

I thought when I was younger that I would one day learn what I needed to know. It was sort of a belief that there was some single truth or awareness that could be accessed. Parts of the wisdom that I did learn seemed like truth to me at the time, but it gradually became [...]

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