One of the great things about hostels or similar accomodation is that you get to meet lots of different people.

That could not have been better illustrated than last night at the Roma Scout Center, near Bologna subway station. In the common room a number of us got together and started talking about our origins, and 5 of us decided to go to dinner together at a local pizzeria, Il Carrocio.Β  (top place!)

One each of Australian, Argentinian, Brazilian, New Zealander and a philosopher from the USA. Nice mix, good laughs, interesting conversation and the opportunity to meet again via email contacts. It was a great night, and the pizza and other dishes were inexpensive but delightful.

During the evening (yes it was a late night) some of us talked about the issue of being wounded by life, and how important it is to have someone to mind your back, at all times. I referred people to the book “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson. In this book Sue explores the dominant issue for every one of us- finding a safe place.

Sometimes we can open up to strangers from all parts of the globe, yet still struggle with explaining to those closest to us, our lovers, parents, friends, what our needs are…..

Perhaps we need to trust in the basic nature of goodness in most people so that we can reach out and be reached? Certainly last night was an example. See you in South America, North America or the antipodes, friends, and we can continue to explore what is necessary to make the world a safe place for your self.

Oh and we got to build some happy memories while doing so…..