TIme Flies When You Are Having Fun

When I was young, an hour seemed an eternity. now it seems a day zips past so quickly. When you are having a good time, it is over too quickly, and tedious work seems to drag. So I guess older people must be having more fun? Funny though it sounds, there may be truth in [...]

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I Sure Remember Coming Home

Play song “I sure Remember Coming Home” When my son died age 20, some people asked after a year or so, “Have you gotten over it yet?” Well, no, I have not, even though eight years have passed. Losing a child or any special loved one is not something [...]

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Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts. Robert FulghamIn 2004 I wrote on the subject of abuse. (aka Misuse, insult, malign, deceive, harm – A very touchy subject when you look at it closely.) Whenever I am anything other than loving towards a person – including when I find myself [...]

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Finding the way home

My grandson Aiden and I enjoy riding bicycles together, especially in the early summer days, with the fresh eucalyptus scent in the air, and the bright sun on our back.  Aiden lacks confidence with directions, so I have recently been teaching him how to navigate by looking at where the sun is in the sky. [...]

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Boston Paradox

Favourite cities in the world include Boston (USA), Adelaide (Australia), Christchurch (New Zealand) and Cape Town (South Africa) This photo was taken in 2010 while in Boston. The poem was just written - now.

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Sweep your obligations away

Some years ago I had a work colleague called Pichai who lives in Thailand, and he felt an obligation to sweep the gravel at a Buddhist temple till his hands bled, in order to meet the requirements of compassion to allow his parents to be at peace… The responsibility he felt caused physical harm, and [...]

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