Losing a Child – Gaining Peace

How can eternal love exist? We know within ourselves that we make mistakes, and fail to be what we desire, for ourselves, let alone those we wish to love. How is it we are capable of the flow of a river from our hearts to the lake of another, if our human heart is dry, [...]

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Love Exists

Do you believe that love exists? I do. I observe it in the birth of every child, the awe of the parents at being participants in the opening of new eyes to the world, their immediate attachment to the latest blood coated scarlet emissary to the physical world. I observe it in every transformation of [...]

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The Only One that I can Change is Me

This is a sample of a track from the 2003 album “The Australian Dream” I like the quote from Ghandi, “Be the change you want in the world” and I wrote this song to reflect that. During recording the words changed a little from the original, the lyrics were: The [...]

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