“Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light. ”
Oscar Wilde

I want to dance.

“What stops you?”

I believe within myself that I should… that I should so many things…

“What stops you?”

I will carry on the routine of life regularly, but to change for life-meaning is even more important than routine, so I should reinvent myself.

“What stops you?”

  •  Insufficient funds?
  •  Fear of rejection, or being looked down at?
  •  Prior promises?

“Responsibilities and constraints never created something beautiful to leave as a life-legacy. Of course they are important, but who will remember them (or you) when the wheel of time has left deep tracks over your grave?icarusWe cling to such fragile feathers of hope, forgetting they exist only so that we can fly! So lift your hope-feathered arms out, consider those dreams and hopes that you want more than life itself, and start flapping.”


It’s an achievable start.

“Do you know where you want to fly to?”


  •  to write that book,
  •  to carve that stone statue,
  •  to build trust in a budding relationship,
  •  to cast your adventure-net scarily into the arms of a lover,
  •  to imagine there is meaning beyond breath, beyond cerebral thinking,
  •  to engage in thinking beyond everything that you have ever been taught or held onto.

“Walk to the start of the runway with your arms open to these possibilities.”

But how will I know it is safe!

“The gathering crowd will assure you of the risks, for even your mild flapping will create panic for those who are reliant on stability.

  •  Will you fall?
  •  Are you out of your mind?
  •  What if you get into the air?

But it will not be safe cause you are going into adventure and change. Suck it up

So that is why flapping usually occurs in private?

“Yes, you don’t need crowd negatives, and if you get into a flap with others they may think you weird or out of control”

Well yes, but there is the small matter of achieving liftoff, doesn’t that require more than hope-feathered arms and flapping?

“Taking off relies not on the size of the feathers so much as the fear-weight we carry onto the runway, and the life-fuel we have stored to go in search of wisdom and meaning. Every time we make an active choice we credit our life-bank. And every time we succumb to control, hide our dreams, fail to incorporate GodIsLove in assessing decisions, or worse, switch off with any number of decision-denying options (drugs, TV, movies, computer entertainment, gambling, getting drunk etc) we somehow draw down from our life-bank. Of course these things are not bad of themselves, but note that you won’t find flappers flying any distance without a significant energy life-bank reserve built up over the years.”

So what is it that stops people from flapping?

“Nothing external can. What’s stopping you?”


Flying without a rudder. (2004)

 Rubber plane.
Glass passengers.
No string connecting the mobile to the ceiling.

Clouds of cement.
Sky full of cardboard.
No compass can point the way to an unknown destination.