“Prayer” is a much-abused word that carries with it many assumptions and misconceptions.

For example,

  • The Great Spirit or ‘GodIsLove’ doesn’t require us to be responsible for praising him. Praise should be just a spontaneous outcome of love.
  • Is every conversation to a saint or a sinner a prayer? Or perhaps any conversation with living or deceased beings that flows with love and compassion,  generating peace and joy, could be prayer?
  • Do we have to explain or ask for needs GodIsLove already knows? Why?


Love is like electricity

Prayer is often understood – after its origins in the Latin root precari, which means “to beg” – as a supplication to a higher power.

But to the Jewish mystic tradition, prayer is nothing of the kind, it is instead a vehicle for self-transformation. It is not begging with the hope of changing GodIsLove’s mind to give us things we haven’t received. It is cultivating our own will power to establish a direct connection with GodIsLove so that we can change ourselves and become capable of receiving what has been waiting for us all along! For us to comprehend how this can happen requires a change in our perspective on prayer.

When we pray we engage in a self-oriented experience. It is NOT a long distance telegram to some superior being who lives in a heavenly outer orbit. It is an experience of intense intimacy. The words of prayer act to arouse your self, your soul; and that feeling of arousal, may in turn reflect back upon you to arouse more connection with GodIsLove. (Have you sometimes wondered where the words or thoughts come from, what is the source?)

This is different to the Eastern idea of emptying yourself of thought. Both concepts are useful, meditation calms senses and removes egoic paradigms, while prayer can be an intentional exciting of mind, will and imagination sourced from GodIsLove. Sometimes going through meditation allows the space for GodIsLove to communicate.

Prayer is an engagement of imagination and willpower. It is a focusing of self in tune with GodIsLove on any subject. Prayer reminds us who we are as eternal beings, helps us refocus on what we really and truly want and can retain from this life. It is the switch for allowing the power of GodIsLove to illuminate our spirit. And it should remain ON.

Thought coupled with will is the beginning of reality – if you even think something, it is already beginning to happen. (The Law of Attraction) But very few people manage to accomplish this, because very few people are prepared to face disappointment. They fear it won’t happen, so they don’t dare to dream or reach out. Prayer requires the exercise of your will. So if you are intentionally praying for someone (including yourself) you are setting your sails to deliver positives to that destination. That is aligning yourself with GodIsLove which is the spark of the divine will. The thing that drives us on, the thing we call life force, is will. It is the foundation of life; when we lose our will to live, we die.

Depression comes when we believe we have no choice, no option to exercise our will. Depression is being cut off from the will of life, while vitality is driving to live life to the fullest. Think when you were most full of life…. When you saw opportunity in each moment, excitement and adventure around the corner, remember? You may recall how choices at that time seem unlimited.

Now think how you feel when you get up in the morning. Do you have that same vitality? As GodIsLove wants the best for you, as lovers do, what is stopping you connecting with that force?

Prayer then is a way we have of cultivating and articulating our will by connecting it to the source of will, GodIsLove. Each of us is connected to the electricity of the universal will of love, so the diamond light which is within each of us can shine that love if we switch it on. But many not only switch off, but actually cover up their diamond. Those who do connect however, have the power of universal love and gratitude to light their lives.

Prayer is the maintenance of the electric grid of universal love. St Francis of Assisi said “Make me a channel of your peace” – he was right on, and a channel of love also!


What about petitioning God for a favour? (eg heal me, give me things, remove world suffering, sort out problems) This is a view of an external god. It is false; GodIsLove is in everything, is with you, is part of healing, giving, suffering, problems already. The question is what can your will do to act in concert with GodIsLove? What route is open for you to act with love right now? Not tomorrow, but, as Ghandi says, “be the change you want to see in the world” right now.

Prayer is the hard work of cultivating your will to play the notes of the universal composer of love. It takes practice, removing the egoic thinking, and strength of courage, it takes belief in love, and a willing to risk everything, even your current patterns of life, in order to choose abundant life in love.

When you pray, do so with the needs of all life in mind. For example, “May we all work for, and find, peace.” Or “I know it is a blessing to have a soul mate – bless those waiting to come into contact with theirs, and may I be included among them” Or “I know your power of love is available, help me and all others to remain connected”.

Perhaps all life is a training ground to help each other to truly be loving beings, so we can all together, including those who feel most unacceptable, and unloved, let down their resistances and both have GodIsLove shine in, and reflect that same light out.

Electric Prayer is a love connection with all that is worth living for.