“Energy2” by Philosofree
sunset-yoga-morning-light-studio-uluwatuToday I came home from yoga feeling light.

I mean my body felt lighter and more flexible than when I started! I found that the tightness of my muscles was actually restricting me, my strength was stiffening me, and I needed to stretch. My energy was locked up, my breathing tense, and relaxation constrained.
Letting energy out, accessing it, is not just about being strong, and exerting it. It is about being relaxed, having fun, and attracting the people that you want your energy to flow to.

This flow of your spirit out is even more important today, when there is a need for balance between use of power, and the ability to allow the power of love to flow through you. This second energy is the stimulus for this track….

This instrumental track was initiated by a riff from Sam Lower  and we put it together in the immense home studio in Australia (laughter here because the studio was smaller than a backyard shed)

Sam and I jammed together for over eight years. We mainly did jazz, blues and soul, in Australia.

We hope this track does reflect the energy we felt, and we also hope you enjoy it….