Written in 2000, this is another Philosofree song from  the Australian Dream album.

Below are the lyrics…


Supreme composer

Forgiving conductor

Infusing arranger…..


Play me.

Play me individually.

Play me in your world symphony,

So it is played heavenly.


Give me notes which give me order.

Keep me on the staves, on key.

Let me not be silent when it is time to play…..

Play me.

Play me in tight harmony.

Play me in your peace symphony.

Remove the thunder from me.


When I play off key, or wrongly

Restart the practice just for me,

And I will patiently repeat the process

As others fail to learn or see.


Turn up the volume

Of worship to noise

Lift up our spirits

To praise and rejoice…..


Play me.

Play me instrumentally.

Play me in your love symphony.

Jesus on solo. Ecstacy!