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Advantace Affordable Housing

Advantace can provide very cost effective prefabricated housing for builders. Please contact us to have a proposal sent out.

Prefabricated Apartment housing can be constructed in less than a month!




All apartments provide privacy for individuals, with QUALITY facilities including individual toilet, shower, kitchen with induction cooketop, exhaust fan, lighting and power points in each apartment. Ground floor is tiled with quality ceramic tiles.

If you are wanting to rent or build affordable housing, contact a Franchisee from the following list:

The photos below indicate other samples of the available prefabricated structures that Advantace offers.


Advantace Housing Solutions Are Enviromentally Sustainable.

* Rainwater supply.

Because water is now recognised as a precious resource,

each building channels rain water from gutters into downpipes for collection.

* Safe

Steel frames provide fire resistance, strength and long term reliability.

All of the base structure is built from fire resistant materials, and is fully insulated using glass wool or silicate.

Sliding windows are made from aluminium.

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Mr Phil Cheney
+1 647 938 4043 (Canada)
Skype: PhilCheney
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