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It may be hard to get an impression about a person using just words. The button on the right opens a video where Phil Cheney talks about his background and values.


“It is uneccessary to limit ourselves to one area of expertise. There are no compartments that you have to stuff yourself into in order to know yourself. You do not need to find out what your innate interest is and then pursue one or two areas, you can enjoy a high level of expertise in virtually any area of pursuit that you decide on.” Wayne Dyer, from Wisdom of the Ages, p164

Phil Cheney, the Clarity Coach
Recent Radio Interview
Video about Phil Cheney
What is Coaching about?
Why you need a coach!

“I want you to see the possibility of contribution which arise simultaneously from

  • competence (what you are really good at),
  • passion (what you love doing), and
  • the world’s needs (your potentially significant contributions).”

Phil “Philosofree” Cheney

Phil is Advantace’s high performance coach who reaches into your inner energy and identifies blockages that may be preventing your optimal life. Phil identifies or creates upcoming performance opportunities that demand the use of leadership skills and then clarifies next steps with precision and effectiveness.

Coaching Benefits:

Advantace Clarity!

Key result: Clarity

  • Clarity in direction – Learn to define and manage the complete assessment of reality with an integrated system to achieve your objectives
Advantace Rocklike Stability!

Key Result: Stability

  • Learn clear principles and techniques for staying in control on a day-to-day basis
Advantace Ethical Coherence!

Key result: Ethical Coherence

  • Learn a dynamic model for aligning your commitments, values, and interests at all levels

Why Advantace?

Advantace coaching focuses on clarity.  Peter Drucker famously said: “”If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” and “leadership is doing the right things.” Reality based clarity is behind both of these quotes. Clarity is also the prime prerequisite for understanding the complexities of life, which involves filtering out and comprehending the core issues from the mass of information available.

How is this achieved?



Advantace coaching is feedback-intensive, behaviorally focused, and results oriented. It can stand alone or be integrated into a larger developmental initiative, either as a one-to-one experience or in group or team settings.  It also provides leadership development.

Be Heard!

Being heard

At its core coaching is about questions and listening. So simple you can do it for yourself, right? Well in some ways, that is correct, you can implement a lot of improvements to your methods by working with the tools available worldwide or on this site, but having a coach work with you is going to be a lot more time effective. And isn’t time one of your most valuable resources?

Achieve Insight and Clarity!

Insight and Clarity

Lasting behavioral change, though important, is not the only positive result of Advantace coaching. Surveys and interviews do not often capture the sometimes profound insights that clients gain about their long-term career goals, personal development goals, and individual learning styles.

Finding a coach.



For business executives, there has been an evolving understanding of coaching…

Late 1980s: “A coach? What’s a coach?”

Early 1990s: “A coach? You mean, like…a corporate shrink?”

Mid-to-late 1990s: “A coach? Am I in trouble?”

Early 2000s: “A coach? Thanks – I think. ”

Mid-to-late 2000s: “A coach? Great!”

Now: “A coach? How long can I work with him/her – and do I get to choose the one I want?”



Finding the right coach is obviously critical. The synergies, understandings and energy that flow between the coach and client are not something that can be calculated or read off a list. It is a relationship of trust, and you need to know that the coach you choose can operate at your level, someone who has “Been there, done that”. Someone who can empathise. Someone who knows the right questions to release your highest self. Someone who will listen and hear things that you don’t even know you are feeling or communicating. Someone like Phil Cheney.



Advantace coaching process is successful when a client such as you finds fulfillment, including feeling passionate about their work, being inspired each day, reaching financial security, and knowing they are respected and loved by themselves, family and friends.